About Checkfit

Checkfit, at the start, was just an idea – like everything else - it began with a simple conversation. This conversation was between the two directors over what clubs they’ll be taking their children to in the new areas they both just moved to. This conversation sparked a thought of how long winded it is to find clubs, gyms and classes close to your area without searching the internet for countless hours, making over 10 phone calls and asking the neighbors. That’s when the idea began and it was taken from there. Eventually creating Checkfit. 


The idea was to create a website where it made this process a lot quicker. Creating a profile for each gym and class that showcases their facilities, timetable, price and pictures of what is on offer. Not just to save people time but also take away the ‘unknown’ or nerves that come with attending a new gym or class. 

In the first couple of days the team found 100s of clubs and gyms that they didn’t even know about, some only a 5 minute walk from their houses. That’s when they realized how much must go unnoticed in the local area – and just how much a website like Checkfit was actually needed.          

Checkfit will use blogs, images, reviews, facilities, amenities and brief, detailed descriptions about the gyms, clubs or class to give potential clients an overview before they try a new activity. Blogs cover everything from choosing the right gym, club or class; to what to expect, equipment, costs, what to wear and benefits.