ABS Life - The new life coach in Merseyside

‘We can’t change the past, but we can help you set up for tomorrow’

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the team at ABS Life to find out more about their new and upcoming company. Based in Liverpool City Centre, the new life coaches are here to help you plan your life, keep you on track with your goals and most importantly, take time to think about you.

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ABS Life was created by Connor and Gareth, both who work as personal trainers at Absolute Body Solutions. The pair came up with the idea from their time training with clients. When asked why they started ABS Life, Connor said ‘ABS Life sprang from our personal training business Absolute Body Solutions. Our clients told us they felt they were juggling too much: friends, family, work, addiction to their iPhones, trying to keep up with modern life. And they were right: we’re busier than ever, but none of it seems focused on achieving what we truly want. At ABS Life, we want to help you become you, on a good day, everyday.'

'A massive contrast to the sometimes intimidating seat of a therapist'

The atmosphere at ABS Life is calm but professional, how they like to put it ‘smart-casual’. They offer more of an open ear ready to listen to your day to day issues and mishaps. A massive contrast to the sometimes intimidating seat of a therapist.

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After asking about how interesting it must be picking the minds of others. They simply replied ‘we don’t'. They just ask the question ‘What’s on your mind?’ This opens a flowing stream of open conversation and casual talk. Letting the floodgates open without the hassle of the seamlessly never-ending questions. From there the clients then start to slowly release the stress that they have been holding onto throughout the day.

‘Dealing with the problems today-for a better tomorrow’

The team help to break down the barriers that we face every day, whether that is chasing after a promotion, or situations going on in our personal life. Gareth told us how he will look at an talk about the barriers that may face a certain individual, then go through each one and look for ways to overcome the barriers. 

When starting sessions, you receive an ABS Life Planner. This booklet is what will be used to help with goal setting. In the weekly sessions the coach and individual with fill in three goals that the individual wants to achieve that week. The booklet also asks for the user to write down two or three things they are grateful for each day. These can be anything, but as Gareth explains, 'once a person starts realising all the little things in life they are grateful for, they start to become happier with themselves.'

ABS Life takes a more direct approach to handling day-to-day issues and persisting problems. They mentioned how they are; ‘dealing with the problems today-for a better tomorrow.’

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Gareth found his passion for helping people with their problems when he first started his career, without even knowing it, he was dealing with many problems day-to-day.  From his time when he worked with special educational needs and disability children; he mentioned how mums/dads would talk to him about the issues they come across and how he always had an underlying passion to help them in any way possible. He also used to work in one of the top 10 most deprived areas in the UK, working as a PE teacher in that environment was an eye-opener for Gareth that his day-to-day problems are minuscule compared to what others are.

'We get a lot of satisfaction when we see the transformations in people'

They are adamant to knocking down the barrier of the stigma towards Men’s mental health, with almost 80% of their customer basis being women. They are determined to make some improvements to this. They explain how many men will keep their feelings to themselves, let stress build up and not talk to anyone about it. This is what then leads to more serious issues. Gareth explained how they have already had a number of men come into the sessions who, at first don't talk much, then after a session or two come back in and are ready to start releasing some of the stress they have been keeping hold of. 

ABS Life offers a two-week free trial to test if it’s working out for you. They do this on a no-contract basis. If you would like to start your two-week free trial then click here