An Introduction To: USC Formby

We recently interviewed the owner of the 'Best independent gym in Liverpool' - USC Formby were qualified for this award last year. He told us how the success of his gym makes him extremely proud and how the atmosphere is 'unrivalled'. Also how his goal one day was to look identical to Popeye. No joke, read question 8... The gym has also taken some massive changes to include CrossFit into their weekly timetable. If you're interested in the classes they offer head over to their profile.

 USC formby.jpg

How did it feel being nominated for ‘Best independent GYM in Liverpool’?

Amazing, very proud that so many people believe this.

After the success you’ve had in your Formby branch, would you look at expanding?

Absolutely, it’s something I am already looking at

If yes, where?

That would be telling!


What is the meaning of USC?

Ultimate strength & conditioning

We see you’ve currently had a change of path and are now investing more time into CrossFit, what does this mean for customers and employees? Timetable changes etc.…

Well, we are going to keep the bulk of our timetable the same, as it works and our customers love it. But we are going to add 2 or 3 CrossFit classes a day, as well as a daily WOD (workout of the day) that people can do in their own time. We are changing some of our facilities to better fit the CrossFit program. We have a few new CrossFit coaches lined up too.

Going on the second question, what made you want to make the change?

We USC is, and always has been about progress. Not just for peoples fitness, but for ourselves as a gym. I’m always looking to improve, make things better. Once you get complacent, you lose. We are a functional, intense gym, and CrossFit seemed the next logical progression. 

Are you fully qualified to host classes, personal training sessions etc...?

Yes I am level 1 CrossFit Qualified 

Have you always wanted to do something involving fitness?

I have been lifting weights since I was 12, but before then I always wanted to have big muscles, and be the strongest. 

I always wanted to be like Popeye, the hulk, Arnie & rocky when I was a kid. I started doing martial arts in my early 20’s, and the fitness training that went with it. I’m 39 now. 

What inspired you to start your own gym?

I wanted to do something I love as my job, I’d worked in catering since I was young, but it wasn’t my passion. I took a gamble and it paid off. I’m very lucky to be able to work at my hobby.

If you could sum up the atmosphere at USC in one word, what would it be?