An Introduction To: Formby Fitness

In the next edition of ‘An Introduction to’ we feature a community based, friendly gym. This is currently run by an extremely welcoming group of staff. Barry goes on to tell us how the long the business has been running for and where he sees his gym going in the near future. We admire his passion in question 4…

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What inspired you to start your own gym?

Since leaving the Army I have worked in the fitness industry as a PT and as an Assessor delivering fitness qualifications, I love to help people achieve their health goals and help people feel good about themselves. 

What sets your gym apart from other local gyms?

Our gym is unique in many ways, we have all of the latest pieces of kit such as the Jacobs ladder, AD8 airdynes bikes and skiergs, 2 sets of rubber dumbbells, 2x cable crossovers, deadlift platform and over 14 Olympic bars as well as a huge functional area with slam balls, tractor tyres, and battle ropes.  We also offer over 50 classes a week including Les Mills Body Combat, Attack and Grit as well as Insanity, Spin, Yoga and so much more. 

Do you offer PT sessions?

I have hand selected 8 PTs from the local area, using my training knowledge and experience myself and the other 2 owners have hand-picked these PTs to ensure we have highly qualified and driven individuals to push our gym forward, we could not be more proud to have them. 

Are you a fully qualified PT yourself?

I am fully qualified as a PT, I have various class qualifications and a fully trained teacher. I also have various medals and qualifications from my time in the Irish Guards. 

Where do you see Formby Fitness in one year time?

Our vision is to continue to improve the facility and continue to be the top gym in the area for people to come and achieve their goals whilst being valued for their custom and loyalty. I expect us to keep growing and build on our reputation. since 01/01/15 we have grown every single month which is amazing for our first ever attempt in business. It is a privilege to be recognised by CHECKFIT 

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Are you looking to open another gym?

Due to the success and popularity of Formby Fitness, we are constantly looking for another opportunity to arise, we want this to be in the same area and be able to accommodate and offer some different aspects of fitness that is not available currently. When the right time and option becomes available we will be the leading business to bring an amazing concept to the people of Formby and surrounding areas. 

Have you always wanted to do something involving fitness?

Yes, my passion lies in the ability to communicate and provide support to the public around fitness and building confidence and ability. 

How was long has Formby Fitness been running?

We bought the gym in January 2015 with 217 members, each and every month since we have grown, even at difficult times of the year. We sit here in February 2018 with over 1000 active members 

What improvements are you making to the gym; equipment, facilities?

As well as the Jacobs ladder, Airdyne bikes, and skierg we have just ordered 3 brand new Technogym treadmills and a brand new Smith machine. We are going to be improving the studio equipment and music systems and we are always open to new equipment and concepts to help improve our facility. 

Can you offer nutritional advice to customers?

Yes, we have highly trained and experienced staff who can offer nutrition advice along with sports massage and various other specialist training and advice.

What memberships do you offer?

Our memberships are £15pm gym only, £20pm gym and classes. this can be paid cash and there are no contracts or joining fees, we are one of the best if not the best value for money Gym in Merseyside and our memberships are flexible.

Finally I would like to add that the majority of gyms currently are not personal and not care about their members, my members are all welcomed by their name and we make an effort to make them feel welcome and have the advice and support they need to attend and benefit from our facility, A GYM IS A GYM BUT WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.


If you would like to enquire about joining Formby Fitness or taking part in one of their classes then click here.