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Train Manchester - Eden Training Solutions Review »

Located in Castlefield, Train Manchester T1, is one of three Crossfit units dotted across the city. After a slight mix up with T2, roughly ten minutes away, we arrived at T1 just as the warm up had got underway, luckily managing to avoid a burpee forfeit.???

An introduction to: CrossFit ASG »

In our second ;'An introduction to' article, we met with CrossFit ASG who are based in Southport. The team went down to speak with George who is the founder of CrossFit ASG, George gave us an insight in what it's like to be apart of their growing community and also what CrossFit actually is.

Q&A With Reece Mitchell »

After his recent succes in coming first in the world & winning the CrossFit games open 2017 in the 14-15 teeneage RX division and also finishing second at the Athens Throwdown event, we caught up with Recce mitchell for a quick Q&A before his workout in Peak Performance.

Introduction to Crossfit »

Cross Fit is the sport of fitness, both a physical exercise program and a competitive fitness sport.Cross Fit incorporates the following elements: HIT (high intensity training) is a form of strength training. The training focuses on performing quality training repetitions to the point of momentary failure. The general philosophy is train harder but train briefer. It focuses on intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest.