The Liverpool workout taking the world by storm!

This was the response when the Checkfit team asked HIITSTEP to describe their workout. This new, intense workout out has been popping up in gyms across the UK, we wanted to find out more about where HIITSTEP has come from and what makes it different to a normal HIIT class. 

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Where did HIITSTEP come from?

The workout was developed by various people. We had athletes from Team GB who had their input as well. The music we chose for the workout comes from the music we listened to ask we grew up, it’s a bit different but I believe that’s what gives the workout the extra edge. The workout lasts 30 minutes

Could you explain what a class would be like?

It’s a high octane, fat burning, super intense workout. It sounds hard but when the music takes over you don’t realise how hard you are working. I’d say it’s like exercising in the pleasure rooms.

Is the class for a certain type of person?

It’s for everyone essentially. The instructor will give various options to people depending on their fitness level. No matter how fit you are we can tailor the workout to challenge you.

Where could I go to do HIITSTEP?

Around Liverpool the class is in all Lifestyles Gyms, we are aiming for the class to be in most gyms very soon. From the feedback we have had the class is more popular than the Les Mills classes.

You can also exercise at home with kids or on holiday, all’s you need is the step. Most of our workouts are posted on YouTube.

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What are the benefits to doing the class?

The main benefit is weight loss. The high intense workout is great at burning fat. The other benefits are improving your power, flexibility, endurance and it keeps heart health. Another benefit is how quick the class is, it’s only half an hour long so it doesn’t take much of your time up.

How does HIIT Step differentiate to other HIIT classes?

The USP is the music, all the workout is engineered to the music. Also, as I have mentioned before, the workout has been developed by Gb Olympians.

What’s your aim with HIIT STEP?

Dream big, be like Zumba, take over the world. Be that big. I have high hopes to one day bring the workout to New York too, the Americans engage well with us on social media.

Is the HIIT Step learning program always updated, or is it one set program?

Every month there is a new release, new music and new exercises. This keeps it fresh and not boring. We have been going for 15 months now so we have tons of workouts to choose from.