How to get yourself a six-week body transformation

Its that time of year again, everyone is determined to make a change with their body. We spend hours searching the internet finding the best ways to workout or eat healthier. The team at checkfit have decided to help and save you a lot of time. We contacted the professionals at absolute body solutions and asked them to give us their best tips to help you get a six-week body transformation.

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Getting in shape is a chance to eat healthily, nutrient-packed meals that will make you feel great and will give you a real boost. So what’s in our diet plan? 

As you may have guessed – there’s protein! Protein is an important macronutrient and there will always be a focus on the diet to ensure you hit your optimal intake.

Carbs and Fats, the other two macronutrients, will vary from person to person in how heavily they feature in the diet plan. Some people function better off more fat and others of more carbs. We determine how much you need by your biosignature results. 

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For portion size, a standard meal on one of our nutrition plans the portion size should be approx one piece of meat/fish with veg. It is hard to say how much veg to eat but it is difficult to eat too much.


For your training, having a structured programme, including lifting weights and doing short intense bursts of cardio is one of the best ways to get results.

Try creating a circuit of 4 compound exercises (squats, chin-ups, chest press, lunges etc) at around 10-15 reps each exercise using a challenging weight for 5-6 sets.

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If you’re willing to put in the effort and apply yourself to every training session you will see results. Training is one of the ogre things in which you see progress each time you set your foot in the gym. Get your mind focussed and make every rep count and watch the results you can achieve 

What supplements can you use

Firstly, at ABS, the majority of clients are not going to use supplements as part of their diet. Our personal trainers would only introduce a client to supplements if they feel they need them, but a few basic supplements we can introduce are:

WHEY PROTEIN: Whey protein prevents muscle degeneration after a workout and assists in recovery, helping to decrease muscle soreness. Whey can be taken as a snack or even as a meal but should never be used as a permanent replacement in any nutritional diet. 

BCAA: This is one of the main supplements for building muscle. It prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue and can aid in fat loss.

MAGNESIUM: The sleep supplement. This is great to help regulate sleep patterns and aid relaxation. 

ZINC: Zinc is one of the top nutrients that help keeps hair and nails healthy as well as increasing natural testosterone levels. 


One of the best ways to ensure you are recovering properly is to ensure that you are optimising the amount of sleep you get each night. So here are some tips on what to do to get your full 40 winks. 

  • Sleep in darkness: - Too much light in your bedroom can prevent a good nights sleep. Blackout curtains can help or try using an eye mask.
  • Avoid watching TV or using mobile devices in the bedroom before going to sleep.
  • Avoid Eating heavy meals late at night. 
  • Pick a regular bedtime and try to follow it, even at the weekend. 
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Written by Connor O'Brien, Owner of Absolute Body Solutions