Interview with Alan from 4 Corner Boxing

4 Corner Boxing club has grown it's stature over the past year, with heavyweight David Price training out of the gym and many more famous fighters, we Caught up with the team to find out what makes them stand out. Despite the success they have coming out of 4 corners, the team are very much down to earth guys all with the same mentality, once you walk through those doors, you are all equal to them.


How long has 4 Corners been open?

The front part of the gym has been open since November/December 2017, but all the back part is only six months old. Originally, we wanted a different part of the structure but was more than happy when we received this and it has worked out good. Because there is a small walkway between the two parts of the gym there is no clash in the classes/music.

Do you think you will expand/grow more?

There is something in the pipeline for further expansion, but nothing is guaranteed yet. The gym has moved quite quickly and we are very happy.

Why do you believe the gym has moved so quickly in the small time it's been opened?

I believe it is because we are so enthusiastic about what we do, and it attracts a large audience knowing we are passionate. We all enjoy what we do. I mostly enjoy the changes we see in people. From being unfit, unhealthy and in a bad condition to an improved self with more confidence.  It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, male or female, you will always be welcome. We are also very thorough in our classes and will accept no sense of laziness as it rubs off on everybody. We work here overtime, no sudden transformations or hopes for glory, we like looking at it in the long run. We'd rather build a community, than a gym.


What classes are on offer apart from the boxing?

Strength and conditioning and circuits. We can reach up to 40 stations just in this room alone. We actually had Lee Butler in here a couple months ago and we had just over 65 people inside this one compartment. We enjoyed that a lot – the change was good.

Do you try to push people to try a range of boxing and the circuit/strength and conditioning classes?

Yes, but we do not push a lot. Most people are already interested in doing both. We have loads of people who attend the boxing classes, then the circuits the night before or after.  We get between 25-35 people in each class. The majority are the same.

What is the best way to contact yourself/4 Corners?

Instagram is best – but people are more than welcome to walk in with no prior notice.


How much are the classes?

£4 a session, £15 a week or £40 a month. With the monthly/weekly payments, all classes are included. We are not a money orientated business. That’s why we don’t charge a lot as we believe it needs to be affordable for everybody. We like to invest most of the profits back into the gym.

Can you tell us a little more information on the kid’s classes?

One of the trainers, Mick, takes the kids classes. I used to help with the kid's classes, but since the gym has expanded and we’ve had to take on more classes it’s been hard to get involved.

We get around 15-20 kids in the classes so the atmosphere is very positive and everybody loves it. Mick is always having a laugh with them also, while training. The professional and semi pro-boxers also love coming in and showing the kids their belts/medals. Which is good as the kids get a sense of ‘well if he can do it why can’t I?’ attitude. The kids love getting pictures with all the belts and fighters.



If you would like to join one of 4 Corners classes then please click here to enquire.