Interview with Gymophobics

As this week’s 'gym of the week', our team went to visit Gymophobics in South Liverpool to find out a little bit more about their ladies only gym. After checking out their great facilities, we sat down with Claire who talked us through how their gym is run and what support they offer to the women who come to the gym.

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Where did Gymophobics come from?

Gymophobics has been going across the UK for 14 years. It was developed by a lady called Donna Hubbard, who was a PT and international swimmer. Donna had two children and wanted to get back in shape. She tried all the usual classes but found she wasn’t losing weight as well as she wanted. With her knowledge of resistance training she put together her own workout programme using air resistance machines and found that it worked really well. She was able to lose the weight she wanted and tone up. She developed the circuit and it followed on from there.

Do you follow a certain circuit?

Yes, it’s a 30-minute circuit consisting of 10 stations. It uses air resistance machines. With these machines you don’t have the noise from weights. The range of movement is predictable and safe. We were the first in the UK to trademark the workout/exercise we do.  We can adapt the machines to accommodate ladies of all ages, abilities and fitness levels, including those with health issues.

Why is it ladies only?

It’s because a lot of ladies feel very uncomfortable in a conventional gym. We not saying there are things wrong with these gyms, just some women prefer to be somewhere like here. 

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Do you have circuits running through the day?

We have an appointment system, every three minutes somebody can get on the bike. This is the starting point for the workout. Basically, this means you are never hanging about and you can get a full body workout within that 30 minutes.

You can really fit it in with your daily life.  The workout is very effective as it is promoting muscle tone to help burn calories more efficiently. We suggest ladies attend three times a week to get maximum benefit and fast results.  We also offer a home exercise schedule to complement what ladies do on the circuit and a walk programme to help improve cardiovascular fitness.

What type of appointments do you offer your members?

After our initial in-depth induction when we take a range of measurements, set goals and design a personalised programme for the new Member, we offer a number of one to one support sessions, helping them to get used to the circuit, showing them how to set up the machines and get their technique spot on.  We also do regular three-weekly reviews to check the circuit is working for them.  We re-do measurements on a regular basis and offer a wide range of support around nutrition and weight loss, as applicable to the individual Member.

What’s the atmosphere like in the centre?

It’s very friendly and relaxed. People make good friendships here. We have social events, regular meals out and have also had two fashion shows for charity. This gives a place a good buzz. People get to know each other just from coming here.

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How does the resistance training you offer develop?

You start on a conditioning programme to get used to the exercise, that’s 10-12 weeks long. During that time, you would expect to lose inches. You will be feeling more flexible, have more energy and better sleep patterns. Then the second phase is figure shaping, that’s when you get most of your weight / inch loss. Then consolidation, making sure you have got your muscles toned. Then after that, it’s maintenance, making sure you maintain your improved wellbeing and fitness. I have done this course myself and it worked for me, so I know that what we are offering to people works.

How would you describe this centre?

Weight loss, inch loss, figure shaping, improve fitness in a friendly relaxed atmosphere with loads of one to one support.

 If you are interested in trying out Gymophobics for yourself then click here to claim your free guest pass.