An Introduction To: Kerry's Fitness 2

Welcome to our first 'An Introduction To...' article. In this series we will give you an insight to all of the gyms, clubs and personal trainers who feature on our website by interviewing them and finding out as much information as possible.

In our first article, the Checkfit team went down to Kerry’s Fitness 2 in Huyton to meet with Kerry Russell and the team of trainers who are there. Opening earlier in the year, this Studio is the second from Kerry’s Fitness. Inside, the studio is bigger than it may seem, it is fully kitted out with all the latest equipment, and there is also a private room for any one-to-one sessions. We sat down with Kerry and Charlotte to find out more about them and the studio.

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How Did Your Journey Into Personal Training Start (Kerry)?

I was part of the athletic team in school, when I was 13 I joined the Garston Sports Centre, this was the first time I was in a gym environment. For my placement in school, I went to women’s world which then led to me working at golds gym, they have now changed the name to muscle mechanics. I then went on to work for the council in their lifestyle gyms. At the age of 21, I decided to go to LA for five weeks on holiday, but I ended up staying for 15 years, I set up my own personal training business while I was there. When I came back home, I started working for David Lloyds as the lead coach, after a while I thought about getting my own studio, which I did.

Did You Learn Any New Techniques Or Ways To Train While You Were In LA?

I learnt loads. I brought the TRX here, I helped it get it in all of the David Lloyd gyms. They weren’t really here when I came back in 2010, so I brought them. Their level over there was different to here. But when I came home the standard here had went up a bit.

How Did You Manage To Get Your Client Base?

My first studio was in town, I had that for three months then someone told me there was a place going in Childwall, so I packed up and went. When I open in Childwall, it was already a studio, but it wasn’t established as much. I worked a lot on social media to promote the studio and that helped to get more people in.

How Did You Become Such A Good Influencer On Social Media?

I am really creative and passionate about what I do. I think that’s what has helped me on social media. Loads of people have recognised me from my social media. I have had people come over from Australia to train with me as well from seeing me on Instgram.

How Have You Got Into Personal Training (Charlotte)?

Same kind of background as Kerry. I was on all of the athletics teams in school. I have always been active. My mum done aerobics and when I was old enough I started going to the classes with her. The first gym I joined was Garston sports centre too, I just loved going.  When I was 15 I was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes, at first I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do anything anymore, but I learned that being active and being healthy helps you to manage it a lot better. This drove me to do more.

How Does Exercise Help Your Diabetes?

Diabetes is when your pancreas stops producing insulin for whatever reason, so you have to inject it. Your body doesn’t burn fat in the presence of insulin, so the more you are injecting insulin the harder it is for you to lose fat. So you have to find the balance between counting the right amount of carbs and getting fit and healthy. Training hard can have an effect on how the insulin gets rid of the glucose. Being fit and healthy, eating the right kind of food and getting your body as fit as possible help massively. It’s not just diabetes, with any kind of medical condition, training helps.

What Made You Open The New Studio (Kerry)?

I always knew I wanted to open another studio. One of the girls who work in my building is from Huyton, and told me there is a building for sale which she thought I could turn it into a good gym. So I went down and had a look, I saw what potential the place had and decided to take it. I got the place the first week in February, it had nothing in so I spent a lot of time transforming the place and getting it the way I want. April the 1st I opened the studio.

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What Do You Look For When Hiring Personal Trainers?

I have to have a connection with them. If I like the person I then have to see if they will fit in the team. I keep my places very professional so if personal trainers start turning up to classes late or cancelling on clients then that will affect all of us and i don't want that. After I have watched them for a bit, I then sat down with them individually to go through where I can help them all. I basically help mentor them.

What Do You Specialise In (Charlotte)?               

I do a lot of metabolic conditioning strength training. I try and adapt that for my clients. With me it worked to get my strength and fitness up, and then the fat loss comes with that. Most of my clients who come to me have had a baby and work full time jobs, and they want to lose a few dress sizes and get fit and healthy, they don’t want to get into the whole weight lifting, carb counting, meal prepping thing that’s going to take over their life. So I adapt to them and get them a program that will fit in with their lifestyle.

Do You Accept Everyone Or Do You Have A Specific Client In Mind?

Every person that comes to me who wants to train I will do a free trial with them, so I will see what their capability and knowledge of training is. It’s a bit like an interview for me, I will see what they are good at and what they aren’t so good at and see if I want to work with them, I see if we could work together etc.

Why Do You Think People Need Personal Trainers?

Not educated enough, it is also having someone to push you. I know most personal trainers workout with other personal trainers. If you are in a session with someone and you’re asking them to do 10 reps of something, if they was by themselves they would probably do half the amount. When you have someone their checking your form and motivating you, it helps to push you to do more; you get the most out of people.

How Would You Describe Your Studio (Kerry)?

People come for the vibe and our personal trainers are amazing. All personal trainers are professional 

What Type Of Clients Do You Have?

We have all different ages, adults and kids. This place is for everyone; we have won a family award because of how we are. People say they feel safe with us.

What Hours Are You Available To Work Charlotte?

I work anti-social hours, so whenever the client is available I can train them. 


If you are interested in joining a class or want to enquire about private 1-1's then click here.