Interview With Personal Trainer Jay Harris

We caught up with Jay Harris to find out what had changed since he had last spoken to us and ask a few more questions about his personal training sessions. 

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It’s been a few months since we spoke last to you, has anything changed since then?

It has! Sorry it's been so long. A lot has changed actually. Since the last time we spoke, I have become the busiest I have ever been. Kids PT sessions has gone through the roof and I'd say 80% of my clients are now children which is absolutely brilliant as it is vital that children stay active! 

Last time we spoke you mentioned you wanted to do more classes for children and start uploading exercise videos onto youtube, how far are you with these two?

Unfortunately, I haven't done any YouTube videos. I said to myself in January that I'd regularly update my social media with new videos and photos. I used to do the odd one but most of my instagram was full of Anthony Joshua videos/photos or other boxing related things rather than my own photos and videos of clients training. What I have now been doing is more and more before & after photos which is making all of my followers see the big changes in my clients which is always good to see. Classes are only something I can do in the half terms which I have still been doing and will continue to do but Kids Personal Training sessions have gone through the roof and it's great to see children wanting to be active and even better to see parents care and put their kids up for sessions. 

Do you think it is important that children should be training or doing some form of exercise while they’re young?

100%. With the technology we have now, it is so easy to stay in on your games console or your iPad. Especially in this weather... When I was a child, I'd never be in the house until my parents had to come out to call me in. I was always playing football or on my bike with my mates. I'd regularly go to the local sports centre and do other sports too. It's why I do the jobs I do now and why I am so passionate.

What makes you unique compared to other personal trainers?

I do my job to help others. Some trainers want to be a PT just to be known as 'a Personal Trainer.' I care about my clients and their goals. You only need to check my social media that I hardly ever put photos of myself up training because it isn't about me. My clients are the ones who are making the change in their life and they deserve the praise and the photos/videos to help motivate others. I'm 5 foot 7 and weigh just over 9st. I'm not your typical 'Personal Trainer.' When I worked in the local gym, I used to get people looking at me as if to say 'you're a Personal Trainer?!' but it never stopped me from doing what I love. I don't need to have muscles popping out of my tops to know what I'm doing. Years of studying, research, planning etc... has made me the Personal Trainer I am. 

Why do you think the boxing based classes are a great way to get fitter?

You target so many different muscle groups when you do boxing training. It's my favourite sport so I may sound biased on this question. Boxing training is fantastic for any goal you want to have. It helps burn fat, it helps tone your muscles and it makes you think. You do non-stop combinations with exercises in between. I have been taking the Boxing Class for the past few weeks at Kerrys Fitness Studio and after every session, I get praise from different members telling me how I made that class 'different.' Boxing classes should always be different and that's why it's another great way to get fitter!! 

What motivates you to train others?

I am helping change peoples lives. I have never ever dreaded going into work because I know that I am helping others. Seeing the change in clients is extremely satisfying and I don't just mean changes in their appearance. Seeing them become more confident in front of others and not feeling embarrassed about how they look or feel is always great to see because you have played a part in that. 

How do you keep your clients motivated when you’re not training them?

I regularly keep in contact with my clients. I'll tell them how well they are doing and what we can do to improve. I'll always speak to them about what they are eating too because once they leave the studio, they could be eating anything and I'd have no idea!! 

Do you think it’s important for PT’s to have good knowledge about nutrition and why?

Most definitely! Clients see you for an hour a day and have 23 hours to do whatever they want. You need to advise your clients on good nutrition because one hour of training won't work if you eat rubbish. You need to be able to help your clients with food plans because that's always the hardest part for clients. 

Do you think it is important for PT’s to have a good image and train often?

Not really. I believe you should keep yourself in shape and try to train as often as you can but image means nothing if you don't have good knowledge as a PT. Your clients represent your image as it's their image you should be bragging about, not your own. As I said earlier, I'm 5 foot 7 and weigh just over 9st so to me, image is nothing. Sure, you want to look the part in your appearance which is why I have my own clothing. I like to look professional with my logo on my clothing rather than trying to show off with how muscley I look. 

If you had to describe one of your PT sessions in just a few words what would you say?

Fun. Different. Effective. Life Changing.


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