Introduction to Boxing with Anthony Fowler – Pro Boxer

Checkfit spoke with Professional Boxer Anthony Fowler to ask about his boxing, career, training and finding the right boxing gym for you.

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Liverpool is a football mad city and your love of Liverpool FC is well known, what made you go into boxing?

“Ability, or lack of! “ Cousin of ex-Liverpool great Robbie Fowler, Anthony didn’t feel football was for him.  At the age of 11 a friend from school attended a local boxing gym and Anthony went along for something to do and was instantly hooked.  “I loved everything about it, more to the point I felt I was very good at it.  I loved the training, the sparing and learning something new, boxing is a great sport for fitness, confidence and discipline.”   

Anthony who ran for 30-40  minutes each morning on Otterspool Prom, still has fond memories of his early days, especially of his first coach Joe Harper who predicted Anthony would go on to box for England.   Joe saw something in Anthony and had huge belief in his ability.  Robbie Fowler Snr, father of Robbie and Anthony’s uncle also pushed him to always try harder and is immensely proud of Anthony’s achievements. Anthony enjoyed the training, making weight did not bother him, even between the ages of 11-14 Anthony had the focus required and was determined to be school boy champion. 

Amateur to Professional do you feel there is a big difference?

“Boxing is a tough sport, no matter what level you’re boxing at, this doesn’t change at any level.  There are different pressures, for the Olympics you might only get one shot at it. However even at professional level one defeat and you feel down and almost like you have to start again.  It is important to have the right support from family and friends and the right team around you, as boxing can be a lonely sport.” 

Anthony won Commonwealth Gold and a World Championship Bronze but doesn’t feel his success at amateur adds any extra pressure.  “I live to fight, I enjoy it, this is what I love doing.  I live by the saying, ‘go all in – to achieve my dream’.   I have given it everything, from the diet, to training and the actual fight, I am focused and committed.  Since an early age I have travelled all over the world and I am very independent.   I was excited to get going as a professional as I was constantly getting asked when I was turning Pro. I was knocking people out even with the bigger gloves.  It was difficult fighting in front of small crowds in local sports halls, when I was watching others who I felt had less ability fighting on the big bills.  After sparing against Carl Froch, I felt I held my own and this gave me the belief that I could compete at this level.” 

When turning professional, Anthony teamed up with Coach Dave Coldwell, who was at first skeptical and agreed to meet Anthony because he thought he was a nice lad, Dave at first was unsure if he wanted to coach Anthony after he had around 200 amateur fights.  After the initial meeting when Dave asked Anthony where he felt he needed to improve Anthony admitted he was too eager to impress the crowd.  Dave liked Anthony’s attitude and now feels he has the right dedication, drive and ambition to become World champion.  They have an excellent relationship and Anthony sees Dave more as a teacher than a coach.

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Liverpool has a rich history of great boxers and currently has many boxers flying the flag, which boxer do you look to for inspiration?

“Tony Bellew, we have the same coach and went to the same school and we are from the same area. Tony has gone on to be a World champion and is fearless, he doesn’t fear anyone.  I want to achieve what Tony has achieved and feel we have the same drive and Tony has shown what can be achieved with the right attitude and commitment.” 

In only your third Pro fight you fought in your home city of Liverpool on the Battle of the Mersey bill, Did you feel added pressure?

“I was prepared for Jay Byrne,  I listened to my coach and was determined not to get dragged into a war with someone I felt was not at the same level and that’s what I did.  I have still got a lot to work on, but I’m learning all the time. I am now looking forward to my next fight.”

Promotor Eddie Hearn added that “there is no excuse as to why after five or six fights Anthony shouldn’t be fighting for at least English titles.”

What is a typical training session?

“I train down in Sheffield with Dave Coldwell doing an Olympic training program. I feel I train harder than anyone, I love it.  7 am sprints followed by core work, afternoon technical session including shadow boxing/pad work, 3pm some more core work finishing with stretches and circuits. When training with the GB team I got the nickname ‘The Machine’ because of the way I train, and this nickname has stuck.“  When back in Liverpool Anthony trains at Golden Gloves ABC in Toxteth.  “I train most days a week doing 4/5 full days in Sheffield and the rest of the week in Golden Gloves.” 

Future plans?

After making his pro debut on the Kell Brook undercard Anthony has had three pro fights and three pro wins. Anthony wants to keep busy and work his way up the rankings. After fighting in his home city on the undercard on battle of the Mersey Anthony wants to top the bill in a packed-out arena and become world champion. 

At Checkfit we wish him every success and look forward to the day he becomes World champion. 

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