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How to get yourself a six-week body transformation »

Its that time of year again, everyone is determined to make a change with their body. We spend hours searching the internet finding the best ways to workout or eat healthier. The team at checkfit have decided to help and save you a lot of time. We contacted the professionals at absolute body solutions and asked them to give us their best tips to help you get a six-week body transformation.

An Introduction To: Kerry's Fitness 2 »

In our first article, the Checkfit team went down to Kerry’s Fitness 2 in Huyton to meet with Kerry Russell and the team of trainers who are there. Opening earlier in the year, this Studio is the second from Kerry’s Fitness. Inside, the studio is bigger than it may seem, it is fully kitted out with all the latest equipment, and there is also a private room for any one-to-one sessions. We sat down with Kerry and Charlotte to find out more about them and the studio.

Interview With Mark Grice »

Checkfit met with Mark Grice to interview him about his career as a personal trainer. we wanted to know how his career started in fitness industry and also what he is like as a personal trainer. Mark also told us about how he trains himself, the diet he follows and also what it's like to compete in men's physique and fitness competitions.

Interview With Mark Jacob - Remarkable Workouts+ »

Remarkable Workouts is the brainchild of Mark Jacob. Mark has been in personal training for a number of years, his style of training has caught the eye of a few celebrities who he has recently been working with

Q&A With Signature Fit Club Co-Owner Bern Giam »

We had the pleasure to take part in one of Signature Fit Clubs classes, after the class we sat down with co-owner of Signature Fit Club Bern Giam and ask him some questions on the class and about the club. Bern gave us an insight into Signature Fit Club, why its different and what to expect from a class.

How To Become A Personal Trainer »

We asked the team down at Origym to tell us what you need do to become a Personal Trainer. Below they have writen a blog that gives you all the information you need to know from qualifications to insurance.

Q&A with Scottie Hamilton »

We caught up with Personal Trainer, Scottie Hamilton, to find out more about his passion for coaching and boxing, and his plans for the future.

Q&A with Fighting Fit PT »

We caught up with Fighting Fit to find out about its owner Les, his PT boxing sessions and what we can expect to see in the future.

Q&A with Personal Trainer James Harris »

We caught up with personal trainer, James Harris, to find out more about his fitness programmes, keeping clients focused and sharing advice on why working with a personal trainer is important.

Q&A with Absolute Body Solutions »

Absolute Body Solutions have worked with a range of celebrities and sporting professionals. Find out more about the training they offer, and what you can expect to see from them in the future.

Q&A with Ryan Roberts PT »

Ryan Roberts PT scooped the aware for Best Personal Trainer in Liverpool this year. We caught up with him to talk about his training and plans for the future.

Introduction to Personal Trainer »

A personal trainer is a qualified fitness instructor who provides 1-2-1 coaching sessions with clients. They agree goals with clients and provide advice, support and motivate their clients to archive their goals. A personal trainer will identify strengths and weakness with fitness assessments.