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My name is Martin Bone A former professional tennis coach now turned Yoga and Meditation teacher. I am passionate about holding space and educating people on human behaviour and potential using the medium of meditation.

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I’m A Liverpool lad and since 2010 I have been on an immeasurable spiritual quest of personal growth, healing and self-development exploring many different avenues along the way including yoga, Meditation, travel, plant medicine, silent retreats, workshops and men’s work.
Through my own direct experiences, I initiated into manhood, something which is lost in the West today and educated myself on what it is to be an awesome, honest human being. 

Liverpool has taken an incredible transformation since the capital of culture on the outside but what about our own internal landscape. The work I offer gives people a chance to be educated on what Meditation actually is and how the many benefits can serve your everyday existence. 

'Educated myself on what it is to be an awesome, honest human being'

I’ve been a very keen meditator for a number of years and after spending 90 days in a Meditation school on the Pacific coast of Mexico in 2016 with many incredible spiritual teachers and scholars in an intense program of study and self-inquiry I felt I was ready to share this magic with my own people.

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I have devised a 5-week course which is a 10-hour journey of education, inspiration and motivation, delivering a simple, easy to follow a systematic approach to understanding and training the mind for the benefit of a happier healthy existence.

Modern times are so fast and we as a society have been brainwashed and conditioned to behave in a certain way, our minds are set and anxiety, depression and suicide are always on the rise.

'Training the mind for the benefit of a happier healthy existence'

It’s time to stand up and increase your mental fitness to meet these demands of the outside world I’m inspired to share my knowledge for the benefit of others.
I’m encouraging people to invest in themselves and learn how to commit to a healthy habit of mental training, Meditation or mindfulness is a time-tested practice with profound benefits.

The results I’ve witnessed not just with my own life but the many many lives of the students I have had the pleasure of teaching  drives  me to reach out and expand my work
This is just the beginning, we can all be pioneers and with a simple developed practice of meditation, you Will anchor the many hallmarks it offers your very existence and the life of others.

My courses run of an evening 6.45-8.45 pm, if you contact me using the code CHECKFIT1 the course will cost £95

Look forward to meeting you 
Warm blessings 

Martin Bone

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