Multifit Boxing Class Review

Our friends at Eden Training Solutions took part in a boxfit class down at Multifit in Manchester, with the gym recently being updated we were keen to see what changes had been made. before we get into the review written by Zac, if you are interested in starting a new career as a personal trainer then check out Eden Training Solutions, with funding available, they can help you make the first steps into your new career.

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Situated a stones throw from the Trafford Centre within The AJ Bell Stadium just off the motorway, Multifit is in an ideal location for easy access. The gym has recently changed hands from ‘Your Gym’ to ‘Multifit’ and has undergone an internal transformation as a result. The more commercial gym feel, with rows upon rows of treadmills and resistance machines, has been replaced with an array of functional equipment including tyres, rigs, boxes, ropes, a small running track, a boxing ring and much more. However, all your gym favourites are still there with a designated resistance and free weight area further to the back of the gym.

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The class I was invited to attend today was the BoxFit class with instructor Luke Aspden. Luke gathered us together briefly checking for injuries etc. before we made our way over to the sled to begin our warm up. It’s perhaps worth noting one or two participants did have little niggle’s they were carrying and Luke offered suggestions for how they could adapt exercises and manage their own bodies throughout the session. 

The warm up began by dragging and driving a weighted sled back and forth individually whilst the other participants went through a series of dynamic movements. Luke offered good instruction and demos whilst motivating and monitoring each person.

We then moved into the technical aspect of the session. At this point, we donned the gloves and went through a series of combinations in pairs under Luke’s expert instruction. Note; your own gloves are required both for comfort and hygiene purposes because, you will sweat! Luke’s knowledge of boxing and MMA really shone here as he ran through the combinations and the more intricate footwork technique required. I thought he did this well to say the class is more fitness based than skills based yet we still all picked up some good knowledge on boxing technique.

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To finish off we stepped up the pace with a 7 station circuit consisting of bike sprints, rope shrugs, bag work, box jumps and kicks in the ring with Luke. A minute on each, followed by a swift change, meant our heart rates soared and we finished the session with a real blast.

Overall, I really enjoyed this session. By mixing boxing combinations with circuits I felt like I got the cardio work and calorie blitz I need out of a session whilst picking up some basic boxing technique I’d otherwise not get from a standard ‘beasting’. The feel of the gym is much improved. Collaborating your usual gym equipment, with the increasingly popular functional kit, really works and Miltifit will surely continue to go from strength to strength and packing a serious punch.