Q&A with John Lundon - Strongman

Checkfit spoke with John Lundon to ask about his strongman training. We wanted to know what John goes through to get into the shape he is in. This insight to John's training and diet will help anyone thinking about getting into strongman training. John also tells us why he prefers this type of training and what person helped him with his training at the start.

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What Inspired You To Want To Get Into Strong Man Training?

I wanted something to focus on and a goal to work towards. Instead of going out drinking I wanted to change both physically and mentally, putting my energy into something positive. I was unhappy with my slim physic and strived to become bigger and stronger.

Why Strongman Training And Not Regular Gym Sessions?

Anyone can do regular gym sessions. I wanted to be able to do what not everyone else can do. Strongman is a different type of training and you need a different mentality. It appealed to me because I wanted to be the strongest. I wanted to be England’s strongest man and you can’t achieve that from general gym sessions. 

How Did You Begin?

I knew I had to learn and I wanted to learn from the best so I contacted England’s strongest man at the time, Eddie Hall. I asked him could I train with him and he agreed, so I took the train four times a week, one and a half hours each way to stoke-on-Trent to train with him. I also contacted Mike Bromilow (England’s strongest man under 105kg) to train with him. After a few months, they had encouraged me and gave me the confidence and ability to compete in my first strong man competition. 

What Does Your Training Sessions Entail?

I mix bodybuilding, power lifting and strongman training to cover all aspects of strength training. I train 5 times a week for between 1.5 – 2 hours, giving myself 2 days a week rest.  I follow a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein and good fats consuming around 4000 calories per day.

What Reps Do You Do?

Depends mainly I work on compound lifts heavy weights 5/6 reps and other days I’ll do anything up to 100 reps to completely burn the muscle and get the blood pumping with 100 reps.  So that’s like 4/5 sets at a heavy weight doing 5/6 reps.

What Advice Would You Give To Anyone Else Wanting To Start Strongman Training?

Just do it! Set a goal and work towards it. Work as hard as you can, giving 110 per cent to every session. That’s the best you can do. A lot of gyms are now equipped with strongman equipment which makes it easier to train.

What Are You Aiming For Next?

I started training for strongman 18 months ago. I have competed in three regional competitions being placed fourth in the first competition, moving up to third place in the following two. I am currently training for England’s most powerful man on 25th June 2017. If placed in the top 3, I will qualify for Britain’s strongest man.