Review of NG-UP

'Whatever he drinks in the morning - we need some'

This past Wednesday morning, our team were lucky enough to be invited down to take part in one of the early morning NG-UP classes. Starting at 6:30am, we did not expect many people to be taking part. To our surprise, the gym was full with easily over 40 people attending.  Seeing this filled us with confidence that this class was worth being up at such an unforgiving time.

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The room was set out with around 45 different stations, with each one working a different muscle group. As we entered the gym, Grant was there to meet us, as energetic as ever and already getting the members fired up for the class (whatever he drinks in the morning - we need some).  Just before the session starts we are all placed on a station, everyone has their own station to start on, after one minute you moved to the next one and so on.

'Grant almost acting like an army circuit coach shouting commands at his soldiers'

Throughout the class the intensity levels are high; it’s hard not to be motivated in this class when you have everyone pushing each other on. Grant almost acting like an army circuit coach shouting commands at his soldiers, in a nice way…  With the other coaches also motivating you and the music pumping it’s hard not to be ready for sheer muscle pain.

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'You will be tested'

The class lasts around 45 minutes, with a period to cool down afterwards. You go through a lot of different exercises in the circuit, you even get a chance to throw some boxing gloves on and do some pad work. However, each section was just as exciting, with 45 stations you’d expect a handful to not be as good as others, but this was far from true – each one challenged you just as much as the last one.

Overall this was one of the toughest classes we have been a part of; this is definitely not one for the faint-hearted. You will be tested, and you will reach your limits, but this class will improve your fitness and strength greatly.