Review of Workout Liverpool - TufNut Class

'No pressure to perform just being allowed to move at your own pace'

The Checkfit team were recently put through their paces at Workout Liverpool. Based in Aintree, this new and exciting gym had over 50 classes each week to choose from. The class we were lucky enough to attend was called TufNut – we think the name tells you everything you need to know.

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'All of the equipment is completely brand new with some exclusives products'

Workout Liverpool is a fairly new gym, but certainly, one that shouldn’t be underestimated.  It is located in a rather spacious storage unit. Sometimes storage unit gyms are airy and cold, Workout Liverpool is actually the opposite. The encouraging vibe of the trainer and people around you quickly heat the room up.

The gym is split into two rooms, one for most classes and the other a more ‘Personal Training Room’. The PT room has a wide variation of free and fixed weights options, also a heavy lifting platform and a wide choice of kettlebells. It's worth a mention that all of the equipment is completely brand new with some exclusives products, Workout Liverpool are open to trying the new up-coming equipment in the industry. The PT area is completely secluded, so nobody feels any type of pressure while doing their workout. This is one of the many things we liked about the gym – no pressure to perform just being allowed to move at your own pace.  There are also both female and male changing rooms.

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Our class began with a pacey warm-up. Featuring reps of different exercises to get the muscles warmed up for 45mins of ‘Tuf’ work. We were guided through the workout by Hilton – just one of the selective few trainers at Workout Liverpool. Hilton offered a loud assertive voice that let you know you’re in good hands and ensured everybody that there was no pressure to out-do yourself by attempting to keep up with other people.

'Challenging, but you definitely felt the benefits'

The workout was a tyre based session using Jordan Fitness Tufnut Tyres. A sequence of movements and reps were given to us at the start so we were well informed on what we were going to do. We then took on 45 minutes of different amounts of movements and a ‘rest-work’ sequence at the end.

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Workout Liverpool offers more than a handful of various classes running from early morning till late afternoon.  We think the 06:15 ‘Wake up Shake Up’ circuit class on a Monday morning would certainly be interesting. Overall, classes last at an average of 30mins and keep the high tempo all the way through.

Overall the class was challenging, but you definitely felt the benefits. Well, after the first two days of it hurting to use your legs…

If you would like to take part in one of Workout Liverpool's classes then click here.