Spartan Dynamic Interview

Featuring as our gym of the week, our team took a trip down to Spartan Dynamic to take a look at their gym. based in Wavertree, Spartan Dynamic offers one of the best facilities for training, their strength and conditioning classes are a real hit with their members. We wanted to find out more about this unique gym and the people behind the scenes.

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Where did the name come from?

Well, it’s actually me and my brother who owns the business so we both decided on the name ‘Spartan Dynamic’. Moulding our idea from the well-known Spartan film; we liked how they looked, their physique and the type of training they do. We then just basically crafted the idea around that. The strength and conditioning part of our gym followed suit, guided around how the Spartans train in the film.

How long has Spartan Dynamic been open for?

It’s just coming up to 4 years soon.

What types of classes are run at Spartan Dynamic?

We have strength and conditioning classes, Spartan classes and a handful more. Our Spartan classes give a competitive aspect to our members; handing them the chance to compete against one another in various ways. One of the challenges is to see who can row a certain length the quickest.

We then run a bodyweight class – this is more of a core workout.  In this class we teach our members vital techniques like muscle ups, handstands and handstands walking. This is a fan favourite.

Have you always been into training?

I’ve always been into sports since I was young, with football being my favourite. I then left school at 16 and began going the gym, lifting weight and doing various workouts.

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Do you offer one-to-one sessions?

Yes, we do both one-to-one sessions and classes. We do 10 hours a week of classes, then attempt to fill the other slots with personal sessions. Me and my brother, Lee, teach these one-to-ones.

Are you looking on expanding?

Maybe one day, yes. But, we’ll always secure this location and could look on opening another venue, maybe Cheshire or the city centre. Nothing is set in stone just yet but it is a possibility.

What memberships are on offer?

We offer one membership - £40 a month and unlimited classes.

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Does the gym operate on an open-door basis?

Yes of course. Unless you come through the doors with a negative attitude and no willingness to change. We always admire a good attitude and spirit to work your hardest. We work to a no ability needed policy as well. So no matter how much experience or ability you have you will always be welcome. We have customers of all background and ages. We’ve trained from professional MMA fighters to body lifters to your average Joe. I even have a 60-year-old client who works very hard.

Does the café upstairs offer any type of nutritional advice or meal plans?

Yes, we can offer customized meal plans that myself and Lee put together to suit your exact needs.

Is Spartan Dynamic close to your heart now?

Yes mate, definitely. I’m here most days all day – and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing. There’s nothing better than seeing the before and after pictures of happy members. We always take pictures of our PT customers and the difference, not only what we see physically but also the difference in them. They become more open and a lot more confident.  They’re almost a different person that originally walked in.

I always look back to my previous job and how I was never really happy and hated waking up for work every morning. Now, I’m up at the crack of dawn with a smile on my face.


If you would like to give one of Spartan Dynamics classes a try then contact them here