Spring City Review

The Checkfit team were on a search for a new class which stood out… And we’ve definitely had a taste of it. If you haven’t already looked at our social media and wondered where we were, by the way, follow us on Instagram, we took a class called Spring Fit at the already-famous Spring City. I know you’re intrigued to know how it went…

spring city.jpg

It began with us being given the Spring City gripper socks, luminous green I should add - as if we weren’t stylish enough. After putting the socks on and getting changed into sportier attire we decided to choose a place on the trampolines. For our first time, we thought we’d stay at the back and watch how everyone else gets on, plus we didn’t want to be at the front making fools of ourselves for not knowing how to bounce and perform the exercises at the same time. Of course, after two minutes we had already messed up, jumping to our left when everyone was jumping to the right and bouncing too high and losing balance. It was also hard to resist the temptation to perform some backflips John seen on YouTube.

Once the disco lights came on and the music started playing you are soon in the mood to perform mid-air exercises. The instructor began giving her commands and we followed. Undeniably we thought it would be easy but soon admitted it was harder than it looked and we, earlier than expected, broke a sweat. We agreed at the end, you forget that you are constantly bouncing as you are concentrating on the instructor and exercises which is good because you are getting a good cardio workout in without realising.

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The newly-added disco lights added a vibrant atmosphere to the class, along with the music. Some of the exercises included mid-air star jumps and jabbing the air while using the coordination in your feet. There’s many more and before you know it you’ve had so much fun that the 45-minute class is over. Spring-City is one of the few places you’re allowed to act like a young child again. It certainly gives you that burst of excitement back that you only get now when your dinner is ready. But don’t get us wrong, we had a lot of fun in this class, but left exhausted off the workout. Certainly, for us, this has been one of our favourites.

In the venue, there is a large open scale set of trampolines all crafted together alongside one another. On the other side is a dodgeball cage, of course, with a massive trampoline instead of a floor. There are then two basketball avenues on either side with a trampoline floor. The best bit is yet to come... The foam pit, the place where you actually can do the backflips John seen on YouTube. Unfortunately, this isn’t available for classes. The music is a massive positive to the atmosphere. There is also a small café, viewing area and a small collection of arcade games available.

spring city 3.jpg

Overall, the Spring Fit class was definitely worth going to. It offered something we’ve never seen or took part in before. It was exactly what we were looking for.

We would recommend you book in with spring city for a class, the one we attended and the class after us were pretty full, so best you book your place before turning up.

If you would like to join one of Spring City's fantastic classes then click here.