Stay on Track for 2018 with these Top Tips

No matter who you are the New Year starts the same, you reflect on the past and set goals for the future. The challenge is, how do you achieve these goals?

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I have set personal and fitness goals for this coming 2018, some of which are simple and others more complex that will need smaller goals set to achieve them. My main goal is to help share the benefits of health and fitness with as many people as possible and see how many lives I can have a positive impact on.

Here are my 5 top tips to stay on track this year….

1)      Keep It Simple – Goal setting is a pivotal part of any objective, without it you will find it hard to track your success or find areas to improve on. When it comes to this area for fitness your first goal could be as simple as attending the gym 3 times a week. As easy as it sounds I think you’d be surprised by how many fitness enthusiasts struggled at the start to just walk through the front door. A gym can be a scary place for novices, however, all you need is determination and a plan.

2)      Get a Training Partner – You may find it helps to have a training partner with similar goals to you, I know I do. I always get more out of my sessions with a partner than on my own, whether it be their help which allows me to lift heavier and train harder with more motivation or a friend who will make training more enjoyable, as long as it’s working I’m good with that.

3)      Make Time to Recover – SLEEP is one of the most overlooked principles of training by many new starters. Without a sufficient amount you will not perform to your optimum level and if anything, you could have a decline in progress. You need to pay attention to your body and how it feels, some people can train hard off just 4 hours sleep, some 6 hours, others 8 or more. You will be able to train your body to require less but this will take time and some adjustments to your daily activities, this is not advisable at an early stage.

4)      Think Before You Eat – A balanced diet will supply you with energy which will be required to start your health and fitness journey. Don’t worry too much about counting calories at this stage, let’s just proactively pick a salad instead of chips, water over wine, fresh chicken in-place of Birdseye. This early in the year it can be hard to restrict your diet in one go to ‘ultra-healthy’, so take your time, gradually implement foods that can benefit your body and training methods.

5)      Have a Routine – In the long run, having a routine can be the most effective way to stay on track. Start by picking a day of the week to go to the gym, a workout (if you are unsure how to pick a training plan then speak to the Personal Trainers at your gym, they won’t bite or email myself at, I am always willing to help where I can) and then return the same day the following week and so on. As well as your body recognizing it’s time to train you will start to look forward to these days when you see improvements in your health and fitness.

Overall the key is to stay committed to your goals and the easiest way to do this is to make them achievable. Now I have applied the above tips to help you start the new year on a constructive path to achieve your health and fitness goals but these tips can be used for most areas of your life whether it be a personal achievement, a work goal that requires time and determination or simply a life goal. Don’t underestimate the power of setting small goals, using others for help, giving ample time to rest, keeping your body fueled and planning your time.

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Written by Joseph McKenna, Founder of PT Wars & Workout Liverpool