The Romans are Coming….


You may have heard some whispers in Liverpool recently about the impending Invasion of “The Romans.”

Well, it’s true. But let me explain in more detail….

The Romans is a purpose-built outdoor activity park – the first of its kind and it opens its gates this spring.

It offers 8 games and challenges that have taken inspiration from TV Shows like “It’s a Knockout” & “The Gladiators.” So, you can expect plenty of laughs at this place.

The games have been specifically designed for groups so it’s ideal for Birthdays, Corporate Days & Hen/Stag Parties.

So, where does The Romans theme come into it? Well, this is where it gets interesting…


What makes this experience so unique is that you’re taken on a journey. The narrative upon entering the park is that you have been captured by The Romans and have been given the status of a lowly Barbarian. But the Emperor has decided to give you a chance to win your freedom.

This comes in the form of The Emperor’s Games where you will battle it out in 8 gladiatorial games. What makes this extra exciting is that it’s actually a round robin tournament!

The games will see 8 teams compete, side by side, all at the same time. Your group will go around each individual station, while at the same time you’re competing against the other 7 teams!

This all ends with the two best teams competing in “The Romans” very own Coliseum in front of a roaring packed out crowd. Can you imagine the atmosphere?

What you end up with is one team taking home the glory of Liverpool and being crowned The Romans’ Champions.


The Romans is open from April to October, and is open every Saturday - but has limited time slots. They plan to do several one-off events throughout the season which you can take part in. Such as The Vikings Takeover & The Claire House Children’s Hospice Festival.

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The Checkfit team will be visiting "The Romans" once it's open to the public, keep an eye out for when we bring you our review. If you are interested in taking part in “The Romans" then get in touch via their website