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Located in Castlefield, Train Manchester T1, is one of three Crossfit units dotted across the city. After a slight mix up with T2, roughly ten minutes away, we arrived at T1 just as the warm up had got underway, luckily managing to avoid a burpee forfeit.Train Manchester review.jpg

After a quick introduction to our coach Alex, I was seamlessly embedded into the warm up consisting of a 200m row followed by some dynamic movements including a side crawl, some alternating lunges and a set of downward dogs.

Although this was my first Crossfit class I was familiar with some of the exercises scribed on the whiteboard and I’d recommend getting to know one or two of these before attending your first class, including some of the Crossfit terminology. Although, Alex was more than happy to answer any questions I had, I got the feeling nobody is going to hold your hand through the workout so come with the frame of mind of being ready to get stuck in. That said, the workouts are scaled depending on your ability/experience levels (beginner, intermediate & advanced) and although no stranger to the gym, I felt I made the sensible option of picking the beginners workout for part one of our main component, a “16 minute EMOM”. Every Minute On the Minute, I was down to complete 4 burpees followed by 4 press ups for the first minute, resting til the minute was up, then 6 burpees followed by 6 ring rows for the second minute and so on. With Alex patrolling the floor correcting technique and offering her advice and encouragement throughout. Although told we shouldn’t scale the workout halfway through, Alex did allow some of the others to do this in order to complete.

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After the EMOM was over a 5-10 minute rest period was offered whilst we went back over to the board to receive our instruction for the next part of the session. Scaled once again dependant on experience, we were required to complete a ‘Max Cal Row’ (row as fast as you can for 1 minute), ‘Max Squats with a plate in 1 minute’ and ‘Max Overhead Plate Lunges in 1 minute’ with a 3 minute rest followed by another Max Cal Row, Max Burpees in a minute and Max Lunges in a Minute. The objective was to add your numbers for each one giving a total score at the end which after a 5 minute rest you then had to better for round 2.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the session and the no nonsense style in which it was delivered. Although I wouldn’t recommend it as your very first class, Alex explained this type of class was designed to ‘build your engine’ and should be completed fairly regularly if new to Crossfit and looking to build your base levels of fitness and stamina. It’s well documented Crossfit isn’t for everyone but if you’re looking for a no nonsense, old school approach to your training with an added competitive element Crossfit will most definitely appeal to you.

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As far as ‘Crossfit Boxes’ go, T1 was pretty much what I expected, an industrial style unit kitted out with a rig, some rowing machines, barbells, kettlebells etc etc. I definitely got a sense of comradery amongst my classmates even though I hardly knew them and hadn’t even been properly introduced but there’s something about busting a gut together, sweating and in pain that really makes you understand why the Crossfit community is so close-knit without ever coming across as cliquey. You do literally drag each other through it. Alex was very approachable and made me feel at ease from the start and her explanations of each exercise were more than enough for everyone to complete the session as prescribed. I’d certainly recommend T1 if you’re around the area, either just popping in or a local resident whatever your fitness levels you’re sure to find something to accommodate your needs. 

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This review was written by Zac from Eden Training Solutions. Eden offers personal training courses from entry level up to level 3. Whether you are already qualified or want to get a higher qualification there's a course for you, with funding available it makes it easier for you to take that step in becoming a personal trainer. If you would like more info click here.