The Warehouse Gym Southport - Checkfit Review

The Warehouse Gym Southport is a different gym. Not the bad-different, the good-different. It offers a unique, vibrant and compelling atmosphere. With everything you need, and more, for a heart-racing workout. The gym is stretched out into various sectors and it’s definitely worth complimenting the use of space. From the secluded spin studio and LED trippy walkthrough to the welcoming dolls wearing Yeezys and Warehouse Gym t-shirts.

warehouse gym 2.jpg

We were there just for the classes so we had no chance to try out any of the resistance machines, however, they looked well-looked after and in great condition. The one, and only class, we were supposed to be attending was ‘HIIT MILL vs Core’. We arrived around 30-minutes early and before we knew it, we were taking part in a circuit class. The class was labelled ‘suicide circuit’ and definitely followed suit with its name. So much for just one class…

‘Suicide circuits’ were split into five exercises. Before taking part in any activity we were required to use a long hollow pole to stretch both leg and arm muscles.  The warm-up lasted around three minutes. The workout then started with strides on an assault bike. Secondly, kettlebell lunges then onto a rowing machine. Then, an overhead press and squat with a weight plate. Lastly, onto a box jump and burpee.  Each exercise lasted for 50 seconds with a 10 second rest. After the first run through of the exercises, you definitely began to feel the effects.  It was high intensity and complimented by the superb class host Rayner Croft. She added just the right amount of military-like drill instructions to motivate you between stations. Along with the music, this circuit was definitely one that’d burn the calories away…

Straight after the circuit class, we moved into one of the bigger rooms of the gym. Along one of the walls was newly installed TRX Suspension equipment. Along the other was the very thing we’d come to dread. They were a new piece of equipment imported, called the ‘STAIRMASTER HIITMILL-X INCLINE TREADMILL’. We left the title in block capitals as it has definitely earned our respect. These were the main machines used in the second workout. HIITMILL vs Core.  If you weren’t on the HIIT machine you were performing an exercise on the mats set out on the floor on the opposite side. The class was made up of around 20 people. A good amount to keep the atmosphere positive and refreshing.  The mat exercises were made up from a wide range of movements. Including planking, pelvic curls, double leg stretches, side planks and so on… These were all core exercises.

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After 20 minutes of interchanging, you began to feel the precautions of the movements wearing on your muscles.  The host, once again, was Rayner and she was more than enthusiastic about not giving up at any point.  The music was a lot less intense than the ‘suicide circuit’ music. This gives the room a more grit and sweat atmosphere than extremely intense. 

Overall, both the classes had their benefits and you could definitely feel it in the morning. The fact we did both the classes made it even worse.  We were great admirers of the atmosphere in both rooms, and rate Rayner up there with one of the most upbeat hosts we’ve come across.

Massive thanks to both Rayner Croft and Mark Leadbetter for allowing the team to come down and do the class!