XBody Liverpool Checkfit Review

Earlier this month, the Checkfit team were lucky enough to be invited down to Xbody Liverpool to attend a session that featured the Electric Muscle Stimulation suit - with the coach Bruno Fernandes.

We asked one of the team (Will) a couple questions on his time in the suit and what the session consisted of...

Down at Xbody Liverpool, I got a shock when I was told that I'd be performing the session with the body suit on. This was a chance for myself to see just exactly how this type of equipment worked alongside the element of working out. So we (The Checkfit team) met up with Bruno Fernandes. He ran through the health and safety, how the suit worked, and the session we were going to be doing. Just before the session started another client was on their way out of the session dripping in sweat and very keen to come back for another session. This got me excited for an amazing session that was going to push me to get the best out of me. 



So, as I was getting prepared for the session I had to get into a special set of clothes that could help the EMS (Electro Magnetic System) to pass from the suit to my muscles.  Bruno then explained to us that from this machine in the room he could increase the amount of shock that was sent to my body muscles. He then gave a little test run of the suit. I was in a half squat position when he sent the first shock off which sent a crazy stimulus through my calf and slowly but surely I was shaking like I had drunk 3 straight coffee's and couldn’t control the tremors in my body that was stimulating my muscles.

How did you feel after?

I felt like I had been working out for a lot longer than I had actually worked for. It took so much out of my body and I was able to feel the benefits almost straight away, but the real pain came within the next couple of days when I really couldn't move. I knew at that point that it was definitely working and worth doing again. It made me feel great upon completion - like I had achieved a goal.

Describe the feeling of the clothes and the suit...

When putting the clothes on prior to the EMS suit it was a nice tight fitted top and pants which meant it allowed the EMS to hit my muscles with nothing disturbing it. It was also very light compared to what it looked like on our research up towards the session. It looked as if it had a bit of weight on it because it was a full body suit but it was really light and didn't hinder me within the session at all.

How was Bruno at training?

Bruno's training style was done with a command style. Which for me, made it easier to follow his instructions. As they were very clear and accompanied by an effective demonstration which was quick and gives you short rest periods between exercises. This ensured that I could give more in the next exercise without having any excuses. The motivation from Bruno was very much a big factor in pushing me. Even when he's out of your sight, you can still hear him very clearly with a drill instructor style way of shouting. Constantly asking for one more rep on each exercise, getting everything out of the tank and pushing you to your absolute most.

XBL 9.jpg


Describe the atmosphere in the room...

Walking into Xbody you could feel the tension and the heat pumping out of the workout room; it gave me a great buzz about the session. As I walked into the room and got kitted up the tension was at an all-time high. I wanted to put in a good performance and feel the benefits of the session. The heat was a great benefit in pushing me as the heat made it difficult to breathe and rest so I was constantly working harder and harder.

Were you pushed to the max?

I think during the session I had a few times where I almost went sick. That, to me, is giving the session my everything. Bruno definitely helped me push myself harder and get more out of the session. I physically couldn’t do much more after it. I had to have an active rest at the end and literally couldn’t get back up to my feet at which told me I had gone past a barrier I have barely knocked on the door of.

Would you recommend the session?

I would most definitely recommend. 20 minutes of this session, in my opinion, is equivalent to 2 hours gym work. So for many people who complain that they have no time to work out this is ideal for them.

It gives you a great kick and makes you want to go back the week later for more of the high-intensity workout that is given to you with the sessions constantly changing and never getting tedious.

Describe the type of people it would be ideal for...

In my personal preference, the session is not tailored to a specific sport but it can be tailored if you add sport specific exercises into the session. But other than that it is very sporadic with the exercises which give you benefits to multi-sports use and would be ideal for everyone. Even if you don’t play sports.

How was the training set out? Did it work every part of the body?

There was a session set out that worked at least one or multiple muscles at one given time period which was a good mixture instead of focussing on specific muscles, which would have taken a toll on me during the session and would have tired me out a lot quicker.

What was the hardest exercise?

The hardest exercise was the seated crunch with a trunk twist involved. Doing this exercise while seated really took it out of me. I found it hard to hold my legs in the one position for the set amount of time whilst working my core and manoeuvring the ball around the frontal plane of my body really added a sense of the difficulty of the exercise.

A massive thanks to Bruno for allowing us to come down and try out the equipment!